Tam Versiyon: Car And Bus Wraps
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Matt, Satin and Bright color change vehicle coatings services are provided. As a result of a quality paint, the color does not succumb to time. The service provided by the expert staff of our team is provided by applying coating, in other words fleet wraps, directly on the original paint of the vehicle. After the professional application of the dressing; the design and appearance of the vehicle may change in a very short time. It then allows the bandage to be easily removed and the vehicle to regain its original appearance. If you put the vehicle in the painting process, 
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its value will decrease. Your vehicle loses value. However, it can be easily removed by using a color change dressing. This allows the vehicle to recover in a short time. If car wraps application is preferred for color change, protection is provided from scratches, paint chips and weather conditions. In this way, the vehicle gains value again. Surface cleaning is performed at the maximum level, bus wraps. After that, the applications determined for the companies are put into practice by professional experts together with our expert graphic designers. The important thing here is design. It is important that the implementation as well as the design is carried out with a professional stage. It is recommended that you have the specified design applications done by experts. Glass coating preparation processes have a structure similar to ceramic coating. The surface to be coated is cleaned of oil, dirt and all dust. It should be made free of any roughness by washing with soap. Then, it should be thoroughly rinsed with water and special products are used to dry. Because; In glass finishes application, it is important that the surface is clean as well as dry. Performing all these operations in an area free of dust and similar substances is as important as the process.